About Us


We’re all about giving small and medium companies the first-class design and consulting they deserve.

For the past seven years, Markon has been working with clients worldwide to get them more customers, and more revenue. The results speak for themselves. Having a clean website design, unified brand imagery, and coherent social media strategy is a must for doing business in today's economy.

Whether you're a bootstrapping entrepreneur, or you've already grown a team and are leading a thriving business, we're here to help you get to the next level with your online brand presence.

Our Culture

It’s a brand value that we have enough room for each team member to take up the space they need to be thoughtful and creative. We maintain a clutter-free, welcoming space because we understand that a friendly environment does a lot more to foster creativity and collaboration than one mired in rules. Our digital assistant DJs for us every day and we’re usually working to the chill beat of something electronic and modern, from pop to hip hop. There’s almost always the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. With dedicated personal space and shared work areas alike, we’re committed to the idea that variety breeds creativity.

Things We Believe

1. Something is better than nothing
2. Do what you do best, delegate the rest
3. Great businesses (and great websites) are nimble and adaptive
4. Baby steps over big leaps
5. Customer > You
6. Brand is an experience
7. Never be satisfied
8. Ignore everyone else’s rules
9. Always be learning
10. Above all else, be authentic

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Leading projects from creative inception to launch day, Kristine understands that great brand strategy is one part business, one part design.

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Meet Mike

Into beautiful design and organizing information, Mike helps clients with web design and building their digital presence.