When to Quit Your Website

If you are even wondering if it's time to let go of your website and invest in something new, then odds are your intuition is spot on. Too many businesses hold onto aging (and ailing) websites because they want to milk every last moment out of their investment. We are here to argue that its best to let it go, and invest in a new, better, website. 

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Work SmarterMichael Wagner

We don't always conference, but when we do, we come back with something to say. This past week we attended Digital Summit Portland, a two day, session-by-session learn/network event. 

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Michael Wagner
On Choosing A Creative Agency

When it comes to choosing a creative agency there is a lot to consider. If you aren't familiar with the process and don't know what to look for, it can be confusing. What does the right fit look like? What qualities should they have? In this post we offer some answers to these and other questions. 

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On Small Business Leadership and Growth

Two themes emerged in Markon's conversation with Salsbury. One: planning is essential to small business management and growth. When goals, obstacles, and strategies are documented, that document becomes a tool for accountability, and a road map to guide actions for the year to come. When shared with a team it has even more impact on inspiring growth within an organization. Second: leadership is about quality communication and delegation.

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We've Moved!

For us, the move is as much about meeting our own needs as it is about meeting the needs of our clients. Our former space in East Vancouver served us - and you - well. It was the scene of many creative breakthroughs, fulfilling projects, and the formation of many relationships - all of which grew Markon to the place where it is today. 

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A Bit of Business Savvy with Markon Brand Design

Markon's Founder and Creative Director, Kristine, was featured in the most episode of A Bit of Business Savvy. Produced by Vancouver, Washington based Salsbury and Co., the podcast series aims to shed light on business leaders and issues. In the episode Kristine talks about the experience of owning and operating a growing creative agency.

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Markon Brand Design
Big News!

Thanks to our amazing clients, we’ve grown so much in the past five years. We’re excited to be a part of this thriving community. Starting May 1, you’ll be able to visit us in our new downtown Vancouver location! Don’t worry - everything else you know and love about us will be the same!

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