Big News!

Thanks to our amazing clients, we’ve grown so much in the past five years. We’re excited to be a part of this thriving community. Starting May 1, you’ll be able to visit us in our new downtown Vancouver location! Don’t worry - everything else you know and love about us will be the same!

Happy 5th Birthday, Markon

Markon is five years old! Entrepreneurs will understand the significance of this milestone! To celebrate, we'll be sharing our thoughts about what the next five years will bring under the hashtag #mbdturns5 on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us to learn more about our thoughts, and about our recent brand refresh!  

Kristine Neil
Reflection & The Personal Brand

For better or for worse, 2016 has given the internet plenty to fodder over. In the brave new world we live in, where news is both created and consumed socially, there have been moments to celebrate and those to mourn. History made and changes no one ever saw coming. But to all of the memes declaring that 2016 will go down as one of the worst years ever, I would like to present some opposing evidence - because at Markon, we’ve had one of the best years ever.

Trends in Review: 2016

We are looking back at our 2016 Brand and Design Trends Report and asking you to tell us where we got it right (if at all) and where we got it wrong (possible everywhere . . . or no where!). This is a post for everyone, inside and outside of the brand and design community. There's a link to the full report in the post, as well as links to more digestible versions. 

Markon Brand Design