A Body Of Knowledge In A Cacophony Of Tweets

Where would we be without social media? Connecting with clients, subject matter experts and our peers in branding, marketing and design ignites our day. There is an excitement, a rush, that happens when interact with like-minded persons. The opportunity to connect with and learn from those persons is at once incredibly unique, yet - in this day and age - bountiful. Especially since great brands like Buffer create rallying points like #bufferchat. 

The community around #bufferchat is amazing. This past Wednesday the topic was: 

Credit: @buffer

What better way to connect with your peers than to discuss the books and blogs you consume? After all, it's a bit of an intimate thing, the words we seek out to seep into our minds. 

Here we are giving IDEO Futures a shout out: 

Plenty of exceptional people shared the books and blogs that motivate and inspire them. One exceptional person even offered to create a list of all of the titles mentioned - and then she did! 

You can read the entire booklist on, and find other gems from Daria, her blog (THANK YOU DARIA). 

Perhaps we'll see you at next week's #bufferchat. Wednesday mornings at 9AM PST.