Introducing Parker & Finley

Sometimes A Story Says It Best

We always have something brewing here at Markon Brand Design. Today, we're releasing something we've taken extra time sourcing and crafting - our latest creations.

Meet Parker & Finley: The sometimes head-butting, always hard-working, entrepreneurs, coffee-lovers (like us), brand building, business partners. When two people own and manage a small business, their relationship is seldom entirely simpatico. Like business partners in the real-world, Parker & Finley don't always see eye-to-eye. One is pragmatic, while the other is a little haphazardly overeager. Both are headstrong - in their own way. They make for an interesting mix. 

Their story . . . the one we've made for them . . . explores what many startups go through: tough decisions about how to invest their startup capital; whether undergoing the creative process behind building a brand is worth the expenditure of time; how important investing in marketing is before knowing whether or not your company can stand on its own. 

Together, we'll go with Parker & Finley as they learn about branding, marketing, graphic design, product packaging - all of the things that startups sometimes put on the back burner while they consider other critical areas of running a business. 

These are trials we hear about from entrepreneurs on a regular basis. Rather than writing blog post after blog post about why executing on decision A is good for your brand, while investing in product B makes sense now/then/when - we at Markon - felt it would be best to portray these vital lessons through the human tradition of the story. We hope you enjoy it. 

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