Featured: Mobile Payments for Small Biz

Markon's President Featured in vCita "Plug-and-Go" Feature Story

Markon's President, Kristine Neil, was featured today in a story released by vCita, titled: "vCita Launches Plug-And-Go Online Payments For Small Business."

vCita is the company responsible for the functions behind our "Contact" tool - the yellow interface you see on the bottom right of our website. 

Kristine was chosen for Markon's creative enhancement of the tool, and success of use. 

Her quote in the story reads as follows:

"We recently added the new payment options to our website. Our clients adapted quickly to the new addition and started making payments via our website right away,” said Kristine Neil, president of Markon Brand Design, an early adopter customer of vCita LiveSite Online Payments.  “The new vCita LiveSite Payment option allows our clients to make payments towards their account instantly and easily online, without having to pay for a specific invoice through our regular accounting system. For our business, it’s allowed us to eliminate the previous payment solution from our site, because with vCita LiveSite Online Payments everything is now centralized and payments can be processed, tracked and sent directly to our bank account on the same day.”

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