Brands: Be Relentless!

Brands: Be Relentless! 

Odds are you've seen Starbucks in the news lately. The global latte supplier has made recent headlines over two initiatives: 

1. Race Together: a short lived campaign to inspire conversations about racial relations in the United States. 

2. Starbucks recently decided to expand its education program, and will now provide tuition for its employees to earn a degree with Arizona State University (ASU) online. (Listen to CEO Howard Schultz on Marketplace) 

What you may not have seen was Starbucks' statement on their next five years of growth, made at the end of 2014. The company, already a globally recognized brand name with no signs of slowing growth, is setting its sights even higher.   

Every brand should do this. Vision, strategy, and the willingness to adapt and reinvent carries brands far. As time, technology and markets change, to survive, brands have to evolve. To thrive, they have to take their evolution into their own hands, plot a course, and forge ahead. 

No business is ever too big or too small to invest in branding and marketing. Get started.