Local Business? Facebook is Key.

How Small Businesses Can Use Facebook To Capture Local Attention

If you’re a small business that relies on local foot traffic, word of mouth marketing and/or the general support of your community - you need to be on Facebook. You should be on Facebook for other reasons, too. Reasons such as how consumers use Facebook to share product information and check in at stores. Today, however, we are here to tell you about Facebook’s native local ads feature.

When you log into your Business Page on Facebook, you may have seen a button like the one featured on our page, below:

If you’ve registered your Page correctly (and if not, don’t worry, that can be fixed), Facebook can use your location to determine how many potential consumers you may be able to reach with a locally targeted ad.

If you think creating and scheduling a social media ad might be difficult - DON’T PANIC! Facebook makes it easy. The network has created an easy to use interface (see below) where you, the business owner now ad manager, fills in appropriate information - and voila - an ad is born! (Well, it’s not quite so easy, you should put some thought into this!)

Call To Action: Facebook allows you to create a specific “call to action”  - including a call button that allows consumers to call your store or office directly from the ad! If phone traffic isn’t what you’re interested in, you can send consumers off to “like” your Page, or “Give Directions” to your store or office.

Target Location - Radius: Facebook’s ad creator will default you to a small radius around your business, but you may be interested in a larger scope. You can choose from preset mile selections, or define your own target radius. Go as near or as far as you like.

Choose An Image: This is how your ad will look. You can allow Facebook to default to an image of your cover photo or you can create something unique. Something that will excite potential customers and drive traffic to your Page or store. Designing an ad is a calculated project, but with professional design and strategic purpose it can raise brand awareness and drive both traffic and conversion.

Facebook's ad creator is a powerful tool, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out how California based, Munchery, used Facebook ads to expand to Seattle, Washington. When you’re ready to start your campaign, contact us.