3 Simple Tips To Change Your Sign Game


Earlier this week, Designer & Strategist, Jenna, wrote to you about how the use of signage can be innovative. To do this, she encouraged you to think of your architectural space as the medium by which to express your message. Or, to think beyond the typical rectangle that contemporary architecture has made so much room for. A custom sign, she said, could draw attention to your business and breathe life into your storefront presence.

Walls, windows and fabricated metal aren’t your brand’s only options when it comes to creative sign design and production. At Markon, @@we believe that a business can be innovative by simply breaking from its norms and leveraging existing technologies@@, systems and processes to create something new. In the spirit of that belief, here are some ideas that can innovate how your business presents itself to the world.

Design. Design. Design.

We won’t tell you how often business owners come to us and ask us about signs that they needed three months ago. They’re rushed, they’re in need and they are more concerned about finding out how soon they can have their sign, rather than how it will look and portray their brand. Don’t find yourself in that frame of mind. Plan ahead and invest in design. The simplest sign can be greatly improved when it’s branded to represent your company and the visual environment it will inhabit.

Materials Make An Impression

Materials make an impression because materials make a difference. There is a clear, visual, difference between printing a 4’ x 8’ sign for your building on cor-x and printing it on aluminum composite. The latter will have higher visual fidelity, survive the elements longer and stand up against irregular weather behavior. It will also be easier to clean during the years in which you aren’t all about updating your signage.

Location is Key

We’ve asked you to invest in more design. We’ve asked you to consider upgrading, or changing, the material you work with. Now we’re going to ask you to consider location. (See, innovation doesn’t require new technologies, just ingenuity and a forward shift.) Maybe you occupy a building on a bustling corner downtown and for the last year you’ve had an exterior sign that is only viewable to people walking on the opposite side of the street you’re parallel to. But, what about the street you’re perpendicular to? This is where a corner sign, attached to your building (permit required, landlord permitting) comes in! It’s true that periodically changing the location of your signage can catch fresh eyes, who, intrigued by a new item in their line of sight, might come inside and patronize your business.

However you decide to change your sign game, we are here to support you. From ideas regarding a design overhaul, to sampling materials, or even coming to you to perform an onsite inspection. We can help!

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