3 Domain Name Best Practices

A new website is an opportunity to expand your brand. With every visit, search and link, the chance to reach new audiences increases. For these two very important reasons, investing in your website's domain name is critical. Here are some tips on how to choose a brand appropriate domain name:

Choose a Domain Name Based On Your Brand

Hundreds of millions of websites are created each year. At that rate, it is possible that the name you were looking for has already been registered. Sometimes small businesses have to use variations of their brand name for their domain name. Some popular ways to do that are to include a reference to your locality in your domain name. You could also combine words, or give a word a prefix or a suffix that forms a word relevant to your brand.

Be Sure to Choose an Extension That Makes Sense

Nonprofits will gravitate toward the .org extension, and academic institutes toward .edu. These extensions tell us, as people who use the Internet, what kind of organization we are exploring on the web. Whichever one best fits you, is the one you should claim. Note: There are many new, lesser known extensions that often cost less. We recommend staying away, really. What gives the more recognizable extensions their power is that they're largely recognized by the digital audience. Your audience will recognize you by name and extension - so give them the best one that fits.

Go Ahead and Purchase Similar Domains ASAP

Again: hundreds of millions of websites are created each year. Their names are often variations of other existing website names. To prevent other persons from launching websites that may detract from traffic heading in your direction we recommend you purchase other available domain names that are similar to the one you will give your website.

Your brand's digital presence informs how users will interact with your brand in person. A solid domain name is a strong start to creating a positive experience that drives traffic and leads to conversion. Think of it as the foundation of your digital store and experience.