3 Marketing Tips For Growth

The largest retail days of the year are fast approaching and your small business should be ready to capitalize on the opportunity for increased conversion and long-term relationship building. Inspired by last week’s Twitter #SmallGoesBig event, we’ve compiled a three-point checklist for you to prepare for holiday sales, and find continued growth throughout the year.

Make Brand Consistency a Priority

We’ve written a lot about brand consistency, not only in design, but in your messaging, and the quality of which your branded materials are produced. You are your brand. It is your identity and your presentation. Ensuring that it is managed and presented with consistent quality and design contributes to the construction of your reputation in consumer’s minds. It lends you credibility, memorability, and makes you recognizable amongst your competition. If you’re struggling with building your brand, or are concerned that you’re not putting your best foot forward, take a moment to complete our brand evaluation form. We’ll get back to you and discuss how we can help you achieve the solution you’re seeking (and even the ones you might not yet know you’re seeking).

Use Your Tools

We live in the digital age. Be sure your business does too. Utilizing the web, social media, and the plethora of free and/or low-cost advertising avenues the web allows is a highly effective way to drive foot traffic to your storefront, or digital traffic to your website. At Markon, we embrace the concept that your web presence is your 24-hour associate. Be sure what you post online is informative. Include a contact page with a standard phone number, an email, or a simple contact form. Be mindful that doing something as simple as taking a moment to set up a Google + page will ensure that your business comes up in searches, includes you on Google Maps searches, and allows you to build connections on Google’s social media platform.

Give Them A Reason to Return

One of the most important strategies you can embrace is to be resourceful to your prospective consumers/clients. That can mean providing a service experience that will enhance their lives in some way; providing a product that is unique and valuable; and/or being sure that your communications are meaningful and informative. At the last #SmallGoesBig event, it was recommended that your communications follow the 80/20 rule. 80% informative and 20% promotional.

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