Campaign Musts Before a Primary

3 Things To Do For Your Campaign Before A Primary

Alright, Candidate, Campaign Manager, loyal Phone Banker, or whoever you are. By now the campaign you represent is branded. Its message is online and out in the community. You have yard signs, road signs, t-shirts, you even had t-shirts made for babies and puppies. If you could stamp your name on it, you did it. The primary is coming. This is a huge day for you. You have to be fiscally prudent, but you also have to make a strong push. What should you do? We have an answer.

Social media advertising: It’s cost-effective and easily targeted to local audiences. We recommend starting with Facebook's locally targeted ads. Facebook is still where the lion’s share of social media users still privilege with their time. Do some research. Are you constituents on Twitter. . . and if so, are they talking politics? It might be better to generate some great campaign images for share on Instagram where tagging your locality is prevalent.

Door Hangers and Flyers: Seriously, they’re the local candidate’s bread and butter. Equal only to the infamous yard sign. You do a lot of door to door campaigning. When you get the opportunity to meet someone face-to-face you should be able to leave a bit of your brand behind you. If you miss them, leave a door hanger with your website address and social media information.

Banners and tents: Outdoor, public events offer candidates the opportunity to engage with many of their constituents. Let people know who you are and that you are there to field their questions. A simple banner with your name and logo doesn’t have to break the war chest. The same goes for a branded tent top. Both items go a long way in calling attention to your candidacy and sparking engagement.

Campaigns are won with strong, resonate messaging. Design is a powerful tool to amplify a message. It's not too late to put your message on full blast. We can help. 

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