Mobile Search + Sales = BFFs

3 Ways The Mobile Experience Can Improve Your Business

Mobile Search, Sales And What You Should Know

In a short time, mobile technology has changed how we live our lives. It's given us instant access to multiple forms of communication, a means by which to document and share our lives, personal assistants and most importantly, the ability to search for information at any time.

Some argue that mobile technology has changed our lives in such a way that it has altered, or loosened cultural norms. People are on their devices anywhere and everywhere. Meetings, shopping lines, medical appointments, classrooms, and more.

Why does this matter to you?

Google, in partnership with Ipsos, has a name for all of those moments in which inspiration hits and we turn to our mobile devices for information. They're called micro-moments and when a business prepares for them, the results can be tremendous.

Here are 3 facts and accompanying actions you can take to capitalize on these moments (facts & figures featured below are from Google & Ipsos):

82% of smartphone users consult their device while in a store before making purchasing decisions

Potential Problem

Imagine a customer standing in your store, on the verge of purchasing one of your products. They quickly get on their phone hoping to go to your website and find any tech specs, customer reviews, etc. But . . . your website isn't designed to be mobile-friendly and the customer becomes discouraged and leaves your store.


Responsive design and a strong web presence will prevent this. Consumers expect to be able to find information independently and they look to their peers for product/service reviews. Providing space for both on a mobile-friendly website is a great way to manage that experience.

62% of smartphone users use their device to seek a solution at the moment the problem arises

Potential Problem

Deb is a small business owner, who is struggling with her accounting software. Your startup has the perfect solution for her. But . . . your website is bare bones. You don't have the content or the keyword strategy to show up in her search results. Even if you did, you don't have the content to win her over.


A small, bare-bones website, or simply a landing page isn't enough. You need a website that is customer-focused, that ranks well in searches. Quality design and content strategy are key. A blog goes a long way in boosting search rankings and earning customer's attention.

90% of smartphone users search for information while out and about

Potential Problem

You know how this goes. You're out and something reminds you of a project and you quickly run a search on your smartphone. You might not have time to really delve into the information, but it's comforting to find and bookmark something for later.


This is where a website that is reinforced with great search-engine-optimization comes in handy. What also helps is to make sure you include and reinforce your location. Searches for "___ nearby" are frequent, especially on mobile search. You want to make sure you list in the search results.

Your website is the only employee you will ever have that is truly on-call, 24/7 for all of your potential customers. Having a robust site, adapted for modern technology, connected to relevant social media channels, is one of the most important investments you can make for your business, organization, campaign or event. There is much you can do on your own. Professionals can give you an enormous foundation to be managed on your time thereafter. If you haven't made such an investment: Get. On. It.

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