5 Simple Branded Technologies To Grow Your Business

Much like how design has become increasingly easier to access, the barrier to adopting high tech solutions for small business applications is lowering all of the time. Today it is possible for small businesses to market their own mobile apps and then use technology to send notifications to consumers smartphones, via those apps, whenever the consumer is within a certain distance of their store. It’s also easy to modernize a lot of traditional marketing and business tasks to create seamless experiences with minimal disruption to the consumer’s life. Here is a list of 5 low-cost, low-barrier branded technologies that can grow your small business.

The Small Business Website

Your website is your only 24/7 employee. Few free tools to be discovered via online search are as powerful as investing in a website. A website for your business is your completely branded space to provide all of the information your prospective clients would need to decide whether or not to purchase your services. Invest in a website to be found online, to showcase your work, reviews of your work, and provide contact information, hours of operation, etc.

Email Newsletters

Once you have your small business website up and running you can add a newsletter signup feature to collect emails. This DOES obligate you to send SOMETHING out on a somewhat regular basis, but you can set the tone and frequency. Whether you send something out every week, or just once a month, or even once a quarter, a newsletter is a great way to seek permission from your audience to tell them about how they can engage with you as a business.

Online Store

Whether you sell your products online and ship them from your physical location, or simply take order requests online, a web-based store is a great way to expand the hours of operation by which you can sell your products or services. Let your website work for you!


Collecting payment from your clients has never been easier. Even better, gone are the days that your payment system has to look and feel different than any other experience with your brand. With Stripe, checking out of your online store is completely integrated into the look and feel of your website.

Social Media

The social media game isn’t just about whether or not your business posts photos to Facebook anymore. With up and coming platforms like Snapchat and Periscope you can bring your audience into your brand like never before, with live streaming video. Think about your demographic, research where they are most likely to be and then take your business there. The relationships you build will increase brand awareness, loyalty and sales conversions.

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