5 Signs That You Are Passionate About Your Work


It’s 5 AM on a Monday morning. The glow of the weekend has faded into the dim and the rising sun welcomes a new week of . . . work. @@At Markon, we believe that if you dread Mondays you should probably find a new line of work.@@ We believe it so much that we think of it as a barometer by which to measure your passion for your profession. But, let’s not dwell on the negative. Here are 5 signs that you ARE passionate about the work you do.

This one is a given. If you enjoy thinking about work it’s obviously because you love what you do. Go ahead...be a little obsessive about it. Care to attention, a constant creative drive and a desire to excel never hurt anyone!

We are passionate life-long learners at Markon. We might have titles and focus areas, but no one is disinterested in anyone else’s area, and we all have other skills and concepts we want to learn about. @@A constant desire to learn is healthy.@@

If visiting other businesses, or a simple walk down the street, inspires you to get back to work, armed with what you’ve observed in the world, rather than discouraging you or convincing you to rest on your laurels - this is a good thing. @@Change is one of the keys to success.@@

We do advocate recharging when you can, but we totally understand if you think of Sunday mornings as a sandbox to experiment with changing up processes; polishing up the proposal you’re going to fire off on Monday; or just writing down idea after idea after idea.

For a lot of people it’s highly motivating to read performance reports. It’s exciting to see how you’ve improved, and then plot how you will reach your next milestone. If you find this more intriguing casual reading material than an actual book, well...then you’re hooked.

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