Starting Off Strong for New Years

Start the New Year with Our 5 Step Business Review

2015 is here, which means you have a whole new year to implement fresh strategies to meet old and new goals. This is the perfect time to give your organization a quick brand review. In doing so, you’ll remind yourself, and your colleagues, of who you are as an organization, where you want to be going, and most importantly, the tools you have to get there.

1) Revisit Your Mission

Go back to square one. Ask yourself: Why do we exist as a company? To produce great products? To provide the best service experience? To fulfill a need in society? To facilitate essential services in an industry?

The truth is, there is a unique story behind every organization, and that story is key to creating an engaging brand identity. Does the image you present to the world portray the mission, culture, and values of your organization? If it doesn’t, now is the time to align who you are with how you appear.

2) Give Your Messaging an Alignment

Now that you’ve revisited your core identity and evaluated your goals and values, it’s time to review how you’re communicating to your audience. To start, identify all of the channels by which you’re communicating with your audience. The may include social media, websites, digital, radio and print advertising, marketing assets, blogs, etc. We recommend aligning your messaging on this channels with how you perceive they best serve you. Then make sure your messaging through those channels align with your core identity, goals and values.

Continuity of branding is key to developing a strong brand identity, so this step is one well worth devoting some time too.

3) Refresh Materials Created For Clients

So far, we’ve asked you to get back in touch with your core identity and streamline your messaging. Now we’re asking you to refresh all of the physical and digital products you’ve had created to serve your clients. From signage to pamphlets, menus, to graphics for the web and social media. Ask yourself if they align with your identity and support your messaging. If not, it’s time for an update. This will prove useful in the new year as you move forward in pursuing your goals. If you need some extra help during this process, schedule a brand review with us - we’ll be glad to help you out.

4) Invest In Your Team

A critical step in presenting a strong brand identity is making sure your team walks in lockstep. It is worth your time to make sure everyone understands your organization’s vision, that they are aware of the larger goals you’re pursuing, and that they are capable of dealing with any challenges ahead.

There is a considerable amount of thought dedicated to the idea that creating a positive work environment, in which employees feel valued and enjoy their work, increases their desire to serve as word of mouth marketers, even while off the clock. If you want to learn more about this idea, we recommend a great example from Seattle. Check out, Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results -  it’s well worth the time.

5) Deliver!

You’ve revisited your identity. You’ve evaluated and fine-tuned your messaging. You’ve updated your marketing collateral and spend some QT with your team. Now, get out into the world and meet your goals! We know that a lot of small businesses don’t have the extra time in the day to develop meticulous plans, but we do recommend bringing some order to week by week actions. In doing so, you’ll not only organize how you meet your goals, but you’ll give yourself a documented action plan to review along the way.