5 Tips To Develop Your Marketing Strategy

Hint: Move Forward With Intention

Strategy is as much about clarity as it is about detail. A clear vision for the direction of a company is more inspiring than the most detailed strategy report or project memo. Developing a marketing strategy can be as complicated or easy as you like. To help get you started, we’ve put together 5 tips to move you forward from ideas to achieving goals.

Determine your top marketing/communications goals

For some companies, annual goals are as broad as simply learning how to refine their communication style and achieve the right “voice” for their brand. For others, it’s to dominate a new media channel or to make better use of one they already invest in. Whatever your marketing or communication goal is for the year ahead, set it and keep pushing until you run right over it.

Set a schedule of milestones to help you meet your larger goals

It helps everyone to have a sense by which they can measure if they’ve reached their goal or not. If utilizing a new channel is your goal for the year, perhaps a good milestone is to reach a certain quantity of followers by the end of your current financial quarter (or however you prefer to organize the year). If it’s to improve how you use a currently utilized channel, such as email marketing, perhaps a milestone could be to improve the “click rate” of your campaigns by a certain percentage within a certain timeframe.

Run a SWOT analysis to determine what will help you and what won’t

SWOT: Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats - you should know all of yours. This can be a simple or complex exercise, depending on how in-depth you wish to go. Simply sitting down and writing down your surface thoughts in each category can be enlightening. An in-depth analysis can be empowering. Remember: knowledge is power.

Audit your brand and marketing collateral

Some brands are timeless. Most are not. This doesn’t mean they expire, or fail. It means they need to adapt. Even the largest household names change with the times. Keep aware of trends in the industry and consumer behavior, then adjust accordingly. We recommend reviewing your brand identity and marketing materials at a minimum of once per year. Quarterly is advisable. We can help with that.

Create a visual calendar to help you (and your team) stay on track

There is incredible power in visceral information experiences. Writing down tasks, setting due dates, being able to see what the week ahead is filled with - it all has tremendous value. So does erasing items from your whiteboard or striking a line of ink through a completed task. Keeping an open (for everyone to see) physical calendar, or project board, in your office is both a tool for organization and morale. Staying organized is essential to keeping a consistent, forward trajectory.

These tips should get you onto a good start as you develop your future strategies. Even if you’re not on the verge of reaching for a new goal, or launching a new program, these tips are great for general operations. They will keep you focused, present and climbing upward and onward.