Acceleration & The Personal Brand

Pump the Jam

As you'll undoubtedly discover throughout the month of September, we take autumn pretty seriously around here. There are routine squeals of joy over the first day you get to bundle up in a scarf for function and not just fashion. We mock (and then secretly indulge in) all things pumpkin spice flavored, especially coffee. One of our favorite office Pandora stations is actually entitled "Stormy Day Beats" and it pairs perfectly with a drizzly Pacific Northwest day. I've personally written before on how fall is my own take on New Year's; a time for goal-setting and self-analysis and getting back to work after the slower pace of summer. It's why the theme of the month around here is acceleration.

As we gear up to finish the year strong, I thought this might be a good month to recap where we've been so far. I know, I know. Looking backward is literally the opposite of acceleration. But the way I see it, sometimes the best lessons are the ones you've already learned. It just may be the perfect time of year to step up your game and get back on track if you've happened to veer off course over the summer.

Strategy & The Personal Brand (January)

  • Creating consistency in messaging & tone lets the world know you’re the real deal.

  • While it may seem overly calculating to strategize over your personal brand, I’m here to tell you that you can’t afford not to.

  • “Your personal brand serves as your best protection against business factors you can’t control." - Dan Schawbel

  • You’ve got to remind yourself every day that you’re playing the long game and do whatever it takes to do it with a smile.

  • In thinking about your personal brand, think about the type of content that you are putting out into the world. Is it consistent with your attitude? Do the words you choose support your agenda?

  • Creating consistency in messaging & tone lets the world know you’re the real deal.

Passion & The Personal Brand (February)

  • Just as in our personal lives, in our professional lives faking it will only get you so far.

  • You can fake it till you make it but you can’t fake passion.

  • "Professionals" that lack passion: stubbornly resist change, avoid or delay communication, don’t value others’ time and make excuses.

  • Passionate professionals: are excited to implement changes, follow through and follow up, value the time of other professionals and easily make decisions.

Refreshing Your Personal Brand (March)

  • There’s nothing harder to do than get up and head off to work when you’re burnt out.

  • It's hard to take care of yourself when you don’t have the energy to.

  • Spending a small amount of energy doing something to refresh your body, mind or spirit will magically create ten times more energy to do all the other things.

  • Find a hobby, a passion, or a side gig that you truly love.

  • Work can be all-consuming. It can take over your personal life, affect your relationships, your health and your overall well-being. There a zillion upsides to being a leader but it does require balance in order to be your best.

  • Whatever your side gig passion is, make time for it. Let it refresh and recharge you.

Innovation & The Personal Brand (April)

  • How do you shake things up and keep things fresh while still communicating that it’s you?

  • Five ideas to get you outside your comfort zone on social media:

    • Launch a short-term series or contest

    • Get some fresh graphics

    • Challenge your metrics

    • Try a new schedule

    • Try a new medium

  • The trick to innovating your personal brand is to have a well-defined brand to begin with.

  • If you’ve taken the time to craft standards and values that represent your brand, you’ll find the fine line between staying true vs. being new much easier to balance.

Dedication & The Personal Brand (May)

  • This isn’t about how you can work less and get more. There are no secrets here on how to put in the bare minimum in the name of “work-life balance”.

  • Are you willing and able to nurture your work and tend to your personal brand with a crazy fierce level of commitment? We’re at a point where reputation, both online and IRL, can be both easily bolstered and quickly spoiled.

  • The thing about personal branding that I’m just not sure I can communicate enough is that there is no off switch.

  • While everyone else is busy trying to look authentic, you can just focus on being authentic. It takes some dedication but the payoff is worth it.

Measurement & The Personal Brand (June)

  • Tracking progress is the roadmap towards your end goal.

  • Measuring your progress in business can be as complex or as simple as fits you.

  • The numbers themselves aren’t what’s really important. What’s important is that you know them and that you track them.

  • Remember that your path may not be the same as someone else’s. What matters is that you’re forging ahead. It is only this tenacity that can’t really be measured. It’s difficult to put a hard number on the amount of determination you have. Stats can’t measure your hunger to succeed.

Loyalty & The Personal Brand (July)

  • Loyalty is an end result. Something that is earned. It’s the byproduct of other work. Loyalty is what you get when you’ve made other people feel safe. Loyalty is what happens when people know what to expect of you because you’ve been relentlessly consistent.

  • When it comes to personal branding or life in general, loyalty is earned after showing that you’re able to flex and bend without sacrificing who you really are.

  • When people know what to expect of you, when they know where you are and who you are and what you’re about, you’ll earn their loyalty and respect.

  • Update things often to stay fresh and current. It’s this constant evolution that allows us to build loyalty. It shows that we are eager to grow and adapt and change.

  • With a strong commitment to your personal brand’s foundations, you’ll be able to take on adversity and grow as a person, all while staying true to your roots.

Delegation & The Personal Brand (August)

  • Most entrepreneurs (especially new or young ones) have trouble with delegation because they have a true entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Learn to master your inbox! (It’s where most people screw up and it’s because they have no system to effectively manage emails.)

  • Only play the balls that are in your court.

  • Keep a clean desktop (real & virtual) because a clean space = a clean mind.

  • Learn to value your own time.

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