3 Reasons an Aluminum Sign is Where It's At

Versatile and Environmentally Friendly

Spring might be coming, but we are not out of the cold and wet of winter yet. We get a lot of questions this time of year about what materials to use to prevent signs from warping, wearing down, or bending in the wind. We have one answer: aluminum.

Lets face it, when you invest in a custom sign, you want it to last. Printed signs often have long shelf lives, and to ensure that shelf life, material choice is key.

There are three critical reasons why we endorse aluminum.

Durability: Unlike wood it does not rot, nor is it subject to termites. Aluminum, you may not realize, does not rust like steel does. Moreover, aluminum only requires simple soaps and water for cleaning - no special chemicals needed!

Lightweight: Aluminum’s lack of heft contributes to its flexibility. It’s only a third of the weight of steel or copper. Because it’s so easy to move, and work with, an aluminum sign can be mounted anywhere. They make excellent parking signs, and other directional signs that can be mounted to anything.

Flexibility: Because it’s light, it’s easy to move and manipulate. Aluminum can be cut into any shape you desire. It can also take on any color you require. This makes it easy to produce multiple aluminum signs at once, to meet varying business needs.
Don’t let the price of aluminum bother you either. Even large, roadside aluminum signs come at an affordable rate that always yields a return on investment.

In addition to the reasons above, here are some interesting facts about aluminum.
Aluminum is the second most common material on Earth, next to Silicon, account for 8 % of the Earth’s crust.

Recycling aluminum takes only about 5% of the energy required to extract aluminum from ore.
Thanks to recycling, 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use!
With that said, aluminum is an environmentally friendly, cost effective, weather-proof choice. Let us know what we can make for you. Contact us.

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