Alexa, how can people find my business?

Introducing Your Business to Amazon’s Alexa and Why Voice Search Rules the Day

Consider this: 71% of people use voice search for everyday tasks. You might read that and wonder how the percentage grew so high, so fast, but think about it: most consumers have access to at least one voice-activated virtual assistant. From Siri on an iOS device and Apple’s HomePod, to Google Home, Cortana on a Windows product, and Amazon’s Alexa - the robot takeover is real. According to research from NPR and Edison Research, one in six adults own a voice-activated smart device.

Voice search’s lack of physical interface and ease of use make it an exceptional alternative whenever you have a question that needs to be answered. And if you’re running a business, we bet you’re hoping that you can be the answer to a future client’s question! Looking for a haircut nearby? Wondering where the best place to eat lunch outdoors is? Not sure how to assemble that IKEA bookshelf? Your clients are asking these questions and providing the data for search engines to be able to understand that you could be the answer is easier than ever.

 When consumers ask Alexa a question about businesses nearby, the AI-enabled system only presents the top answers based on data available online. 

When consumers ask Alexa a question about businesses nearby, the AI-enabled system only presents the top answers based on data available online. 

Voice Search Isn’t Traditional Search

Yes, we just said “traditional search.” Alexa won’t bring up 295 pages on where to buy mangosteen. What it will do is give you one, or a few answers, and then ask you what kind of follow up task it can complete for you. Businesses that provide the right data about where they operate and what they do are the ones that will be presented as an answer to a voice question. Alexa needs the right data from you if that’s going to happen.

We Can Help

We are a team of certified Yext professionals, which means we have the know-how to manage our client’s business information across the web. With Yext we can make sure that listings websites (think Yelp, Tripadvisor, Angie’s List) across the internet have accurate, consistently formatted information about our client’s businesses including data that is formatted specifically for Amazon’s Alexa.

According to Statista, a quarter of American adults between 18 and 29 own an Amazon Echo (the device that Alexa operates on). Nearly a quarter of adults between the age 30 and 44 own one as well. The number doesn’t fall radically as ages progress. Ownership rates of an Amazon Echo among American senior citizens is over 10%. Of course, these figures are only expected to rise.

With the Yext platform, we can manage how your business is listed online and ensure that the right information is fed to search engines and virtual assistants alike. The benefit of having multi-faceted communications professionals manage your business listings is that we can make recommendations across the board to support the goal of making your business discoverable in search while still being visually appealing to human eyes. A quick audit of your brand identity, website, social media and public relations strategies can point to opportunities to provide valuable information that can help your business perform better in “nearby” searches as well as voice search.

As voice-activated information technology evolves, a future in which consumers spend less time interacting with a physical and visual interface is on the horizon. Today consumers often discover new brands on social media or embedded in other content and soon the majority of consumers will discover brands first as an answer to a voice search query. Staying on top of listings and knowing how to format data about your business for devices like Alexa is definitely not a DIY project we recommend any busy business owner or store manager take on. With so many sites and aggregators out there, a platform like Yext is the way to go. Interested in knowing what the internet knows about your business? Try our free listings scan: