Are Your Signs Working For You?

Made To Sell. Are Your Signs Driving Traffic and Sales?

Even in our digital age, a lot of small businesses rely on foot traffic to sell their products or services. Location helps, but even location isn’t a salve to remedy low foot traffic and sales. Customers need to have their attention directed, both to your location and to your products. Well designed, unique, strategically placed signage will help drive traffic and increase sales in your store. When it comes to signage, we’ve come up with a three-part action list to help give you a boost.

Give Your Signs A Visual Run Down

It’s time you take an inventory of ALL of your signs. How many signs do you have outside of your store? How many inside? Are they most instructional? Or, are they promotional? If you followed your signs would you find your way into your store and to a product display? No? Then it’s time to work on them.

If you rely on outdoor signage to draw customers to your location, consider sandwich boards, lighted signage, and any signage you can attach to your storefront wall.

Use your windows! Storefronts with ample windows have an architectural advantage over other businesses. They possess advertising space that they own and schedule just for their purposes. Whether you are interested in a sign to put near the window, or a sign to attach to the window - use the space! You may also consult a merchandiser to help with creative valuable window displays.

Your In-store signage is just as valuable. Is the information presented up to date? Are you using effective iconography, images and language to direct customers to and from? Are you making customers aware of services, events and other information that may enhance their experience?

Are you letting them know you are available to them?

Critical areas to consider are the Point of Purchase zone and any location in your store that features sale items, or help desks/customer service spaces.

Keep Them Fresh and Clean

Once you’ve completed your walkthrough and noted your inventory, take down any signs that aren't’ serving you well. Some signs might be up to date, but just need to be moved. Others may need to go. Presenting incorrect or ambiguous, confusing information dilutes the customer’s experience in your store and can deter foot traffic or prevent conversions.

We can update your out of date signs. We can even visit your location and design a plan for how you will present new signs, to optimize visibility and utility.

Don’t be afraid to use iconography, images and typography to draw customer’s attention. Unique signs often become talking points, drawing in foot traffic and often leading to sales.
With a wide range of materials, inks, vinyls and more, we can help you create something powerful, unique in the style of your brand.

Now Go Draw Everyone In!

Once you’ve made the investment in producing quality signage, strategically placing those signs will help increase your traffic and sales.

Having quality signs is a fundamental part of your marketing strategy, so don’t let it fail you. When you’re ready, we can help. Contact us.

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