Be A Business Leader & A Storyteller

For millennia, humans have exchanged information, entertained themselves and each other, through the telling of stories. When told well, stories have the power to inspire us, to affect how we think, feel, and the actions that we take.

It's easy to forget the power of storytelling when marketing your brand. The inclination can be to present solid facts, statistics, and even draw statistical comparisons between your product/company and another. That is all well and good for those who are moved by technical specs - and in certain markets, that's absolutely critical. But, don't overlook the power of telling a good story with your brand, or product, at the core of it.

Here are some tips on how to be your brand's best storyteller:

Develop a sense of structure/chronological history

Your brand started somewhere, somehow. It has a purpose. Share these facts. The center, middle or arc of your story should portray the next tip: how your brand fits into the central plot of the story.

Learn how to integrate your brand into the plot of your audiences' lives

How does your brand or product fit into the lives of your target audience? How will it enhance their experiences, or enable their next project? Learning how to imagine what your audience needs/wants and tell a story as if they wrote it themselves, is a powerful selling skill.

Be innovative

In our world of media saturation and hyper-connectivity, there are a lot of other blogs, videos and info-graphics zipping around the Internet. Work alongside a talented designer. Consult others in your company. Come up with something genuine and authentic. Your brand is unique, so too should be the story you present about it.

Be truthful about your brand

Honesty builds trust and today, consumers more than ever, require brands to provide reasons for them to trust you.

Trust us when we say this skill will take you far. As a business leader, you should be able to convey the story of your brand anywhere that you go - at any time. Learning how to convey the story of your brand, and how it fits into your target audience's life will yield returns. Now go out and be your brand's best storyteller!