The Importance of Branding Consistency

Why Consistency is Key When Branding Your Business

What if your business could imprint itself on the mind of consumers?

What if you could be the first source, or destination on the checklist whenever a customer desired your industry’s particular service? On a large scale, we can all name at least a few popular soda pops, from Pepsi to Sprite, to A&W. Need to quickly and fully furnish your apartment on the cheap? IKEA probably shows up near the top of the list of places to look.

Consumers make these decisions every day, with countless tasks they perform. Driving to work, will they choose Starbucks, or a local joint to stop at for a morning coffee? If they need to grab some bread or milk before heading home, will they choose Walmart? Whole Foods? The little Mom & Pop market on the corner? When shopping for shoes or clothes, will they try second-hand? Local boutiques? Online retailers? The mall? The question is: how do you get on the map? How do you ensure your business will factor into the consumer equation? How do you put yourself at the top of that list every time?

Recognizability is key. And tied with recognizability is consistency. You put your company on the map by providing a brand that customers can tell at a moment’s notice is unique. Exclusive. All your own. And you keep it up with staying relevant: from your business cards to your social media ads and images, to your mailings, sidewalk signs, interior + exterior design and website - you strive to ensure your business’s public image is always on point.

If it’s starting to sound overwhelming, we can keep it simple: choose a simple color palette. Now, a couple fonts that pair well together and are legible at a variety of sizes. Have a versatile logo that can translate from a color brochure to a black-and-white newspaper ad, to your website (simplicity is key!).

Now stick to it. Use your logo in only 2 iterations, and make sure it works well in black and white! If you want your color palette to be yellow and blue, with occasional green, great. Keep it that way. Not mint green one day, yellow-green the next: each color has its own code that makes it the same every time. Put a lock on your image with a simple, one-page style guide that can be kept on file and handed out to anyone who will be designing for your business.

Every single time someone passes by receives a mailer, sees a friend liked/favorited/retweeted any of your social media, they will witness an entity crafted with consistency. They will recognize your brand, and every time they do, you’ve added another stone to the foundation that will build your success. The more you’re recognized, the better chance your business will have of being brought to mind when services are needed.

Still sound complicated? We’re here to help. We’ll meet you where you’re at, and get your business where you want it to be.

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