Our Top 3 Branding Tips

3 Thoughts to Keep In Mind While Building Your Brand

Brand recognition is key to success.

In our line of work, we meet many small business owners who feel mass brand recognition and accelerated growth is beyond their reach. Mostly due to resources. However, we believe that the recipe for success really comes down to time, creativity and commitment.

Brands come and go. Some last for generations. Some spring up seemingly overnight. Building awareness of your brand is something you have to do for your brand. It is critical to success, drives traffic to your physical and web store, increases your chance for sales, and hopefully fosters a loyal population of brand advocates.
We recommend keeping these three tenets in mind as you set out to build your success.

Be In Sight & In Mind

You’ve heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind.”
It’s largely true that when things are out of our sight they do fall out of our mind. That is why it’s imperative to keep your name “out there” in the marketplace. In particular, you want your voice to be louder than others in your field. There are a number of ways to do this. Here are two ideas you can kickstart this week::

If you write it, they will share it.

Today, our lives are driven by search results, social media shares, likes, and content we find across the blogosphere. Decide how your particular business can utilize those tools and then begin a routine content strategy to build visibility. Useful content tends to foster interest and lays the foundation for future brand loyalty. Investing in custom graphics, ads and photography is a great way to gain consumer attention. Be sure to pair your content with the right images.

Local advertising

Perhaps your businesses consumer base is entirely local. Investing in outdoor signage is a great way to start building awareness. Whether it’s a new outdoor sign to be mounted to your storefront, or something for an informational directory for the business park you inhabit, or a simple sandwich board for the nearby sidewalk - outdoor signage is a great investment.
Consider advertising in local media: in newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Adverts can be less expensive than you might be thinking and they are easy to create. We can help.

Create a Branded Environmen

Your physical store should clearly be YOUR physical store. We’ve helped a number of businesses brand their storefront and we’ve helped others brand their storefront and interior. It’s a powerful investment that emerges your customers in an experience that is clearly yours. We can help you establish a style guide for your design aesthetic and create custom promotional and informational items that will define your space and direct your customers through the experience of shopping, or working, with you. 

Everything Around You Can Be Promotional

When you customers purchase from your physical store, send them home with a brand bag that lets everyone know where they’ve just been. When they buy from your web store, send them an email that includes your logo and valuable information about how to reach you, learn more, and buy more. Then, when their item arrives in the mail, make sure it came in a branded package.
From reward and gift cards, to brochures and mailers, we can help you design and disseminate promotional materials that will call attention to your brand.

The opportunities to increase awareness of your brand are almost endless. It can be low budget, or high budget. Time intensive, or not. It really comes down to you. We believe in a hands on, total care brand management approach. If you’d like to learn about how we can help you, contact us.

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