Branding For The Current Era

Brands Are More Than Logos, Words, and Taglines

The concept of branding is, and always has been, about creating a recognizable identity in the marketplace. Iconic brands can be recognized by any variation of their logo, and once they are, the experience of that brand is instantly recalled in the mind of the viewer. In that sense, logos are powerful, but they only carry that value when they are empowered - when the reputation, ideas, and culture of that brand are so successfully communicated and experienced that the logo becomes a representative for all of those things combined.

Branding Is About Building Value Not Making a Mark

Businesses build brand value when they invest in their reputation. The best way to do that is to deliver quality communications that are consistent in appearance and style/tone of message and by creating positive experiences online and in the real world. Brands can ensure that they are building value everyday by developing intentional communications strategies and employing consistent visual elements.

Photo by Penchant Styled.

Visual Identities Are Just The Starting Line

Once upon a time it was enough for a branding agency to provide a client with a primary logo, a few submarks, maybe a “brand pattern,” and the right fonts and colors needed to guide future branded communications. Visual assets have significant value but aren’t enough to make a brand. Businesses that work with branding agencies like Markon to take ownership of their brand’s reputation both online and in the real world will experience the benefits of this multidisciplinary approach. Incorporating modern public relations tactics with traditional design activities is the new way to stand out.

Consistency isn’t reached merely because a communication has the right font and logo, it has to be in the same style of voice, delivering a message the support the brand’s mission and values.

Consistency Builds Value

With that said, visually differentiating yourself from your competition is the bare minimum. Brands have to build reputations that create positive association with their visual identities. That positive association is what leads to conversion, brand loyalty, and brand value.

Markon can design a complete visual identity system AND give your business the tools to build lasting value. Here’s how:

We’ll help you take control of the spaces you operate in. To create positive experiences brands have to control the environments in which their customers encounter them. Control, in this case, means branding. Branded brick and mortar spaces, websites, and social media profiles reinforce your visual identity, and ensure that the positive experiences in those spaces are associated with your brand.

Public relations tactics can accelerate and strengthen building brand value as well. Brands build strong reputations by providing positive experiences . . . and from broadcasting their message in the right spaces. Developing beneficial relationships with local and industry media, managing online listings on sites such as Google My Business, or Facebook, and being strategic in their messaging are ways in which brands can accelerate - and manage - the growth of their value. These are time expensive activities, but that’s why agencies like ours exist - to take this off your plate and manage it for you.

Designing a brand identity for a business - new or established - is about so much more than laying out a strong visual identity. It’s about advising on voice, messaging, web and social experiences, and even media relations. That’s how you prepare a brand to build value in 2018.

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