Branding + Quality = Profitability

Here we go again. Another post about the value of your brand. We know, we are almost berating you with these lectures. We only do it because we care about you. You are the lifeblood of our business. Our success is tied to yours.

In one of our last posts we conceded that you are going to DIY things from time to time, so we spent the post talking about the value of a professionally structured framework for your brand - a style guide, from which you can work from.

In other posts, we’ve discussed the value of consistency, and the power it has to build a recognizable image and spur brand awareness.

Now, let's spell it out a little differently.

A Strong Brand Supports a Strong Value Proposition

Putting forth your best visual identity puts out an image of strength and consistency. Both highly positive attributes for consumers to associate with your brand. When you pair strong branding with a strong product, your ability to ask for a premium price also increases.

For that matter, branding yourself from the start as a premium service provider, or luxury service, does much to increase your value proposition. (If you’re a startup, and premium/luxury is your intent, start branding yourself that way, immediately.)

Do Not Underestimate the Value of Perceived Quality

Do you ever wonder why consumers will purchase “luxury” products produced by mainstream organizations, even when information is out there the “luxury” product they just bought contains mainstream components and, is, essentially, just the polished version of the same product?

Because perceived quality (and sometimes that "polish" makes a big difference) is important to consumers. Whether they are seeking a status symbol, or sincerely wish to get the most for their purchasing power, perceived quality matters.

Now, perceived quality can only be part of your equation. Branding isn’t an empty art or science. Appearance must be backed up by action. To present yourself as premium and not deliver is to sound your own death knell.

Powerful Branding + Powerful Products/Services = Increased Profitability

If you feel that your branding is out of alignment with your identity, or maybe just needs a fine tune, let us know! We can set up a meeting with you and explore what is going. We’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and then we’ll put you on a plan that will move you forward.

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