Building A Worldly Brand

AKA Why I Love The Brooklyn Bridge

Recently there's been some chatter that mbd might have an office in New York City. I'm not going to lie, I'm not quick to dispel the idea. I'd love to have an office in NYC, but, alas, Markon is very much only operating out of the Pacific Northwest. 

I could interpret that some think Markon is in New York as a message that we're not communicating our identity correctly, but I take it as a compliment instead. So much so, I took to Medium this week to talk about what I really think about building my company's brand. And I address why you see the Brooklyn Bridge all over our branding - after all, it's in our office, on the cover of our press kit, on the home page of our website - even here in this blog post! 

Read my full post on Medium here.