Do You Pass The Business Card Test?

Timeless and Effective:

The business card is small, simple and effective. While not used as much today, the business card is finding new ways to reinvent itself. The business card of old is no longer relevant. The new business card takes advantage of its small frame to provide powerful results. There's even a business card test to see if your business card is up to snuff. Take the test and see if your card stands up to the challenge.

Here is the new standard of business cards:

Do you have a logo? Your logo will become the symbol of your business and the image people recognize and associate with your business. It is the first thing customers see and the last thing on their mind. So make sure your logo isn't lumped in with the rest. No clip art or "been there, done that" logos; someone else can use that logo and copywrite it. Make it original. The logo must be a positive image appropriate for the people you want to reach.

It's great to use lots of color, but be strategic; the colors must relate to the company. That's why company colors are a great choice for business cards. Use the colors, logo, font and font size to create stunning results.  

White space used to be the standard, but now it's about taking advantage of both sides of the card. Most companies use the logo on one side and the message on the other surrounded by color and font.

Add the company name and contact information. Bring online offline by adding social media, company website, email address, instant message/Skype and blog URLs on the card. Make your online world match the offline by adding the same logo and message from the card to online contact information.

The overall look of the business card must look professional. Make sure a professional (contact us) handles the design and finished product of the card. 

Don't let the new standard stray you from forgetting the old. Remember: this card is the first impression of your business. For many consumers they don't know your business. The business card is about a product or service the company is selling. Say it in a way that says what you do and why it's necessary in a few sentences.  The business card must be simple and easy to read too.

Social media and advancements in technology will never stop the business card from making connections with potential customers. In fact, its ability to evolve with the times is the reason the business card is still thriving. All businesses should have business cards in their possession. Take the time to make it just as polished as the business itself. Ask yourself: Does Your Business Pass The "Business Card" Test?

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