How To Turn Your Business Fleet Into Brand Ambassadors


Whether your business has a vehicle, or a whole fleet of vehicles, branding those vehicles creates continuous instant brand moments. When the community sees a vehicle displaying your logo, company name and contact information it creates an impression. Sometimes those impressions convert into sales. Those moments also help build narratives. Person A remembers the time your company was Neighbor B's house to do that amazing stone work. Or Person B remembers the time they saw your company vehicle downtown at Site X, and then thought: "I need them to do that at my company's site." 

They're powerful moments. If you haven't already branded your business fleet, here are some recommendations to get your started: 

Design Rules Over Content

The reality is that when your vehicle is seen either the vehicle itself will be in motion, or the viewer will be in motion. This is why it's more important to let design leave a lasting impression, rather than content. It's easy, even desirable, for viewers to skip over volumes of content (lists of services, descriptors, etc.). Lead with graphics, not text. 

Brand All Of Your Vehicles

If you have two permanent vehicles and two temporary vehicles - brand them all! There are temporary solutions to vehicle branding. Magnets present the most cost effective and scalable solution for temporary vehicles. You can take them on and off everyday if need be. 

Be Consistent

Even if the vehicles in your fleet share no similarities, keep the branding consistent. Your brand should be recognizable whether it's on the side of a box truck, or the tail gate of an SUV, or the passenger door of a sedan. You want to be found wherever you are, in whatever you're driving. 

Branding your vehicles is a cost-effective way of creating brand moment after brand moment, wherever your business goes. 


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