A New Branded Tool To Grow Your Food Business

We are talking directly to you, food brands! Whether your niche in life is baking cupcakes, or crafting savory bowls of ramen, if you’re in the business of creating and selling delicious dishes, expanding your brand through online ordering should be a top priority!

If you’ve worked with us, you know our preferred website platform is Squarespace. It’s easy-to-use content management empowers small business to manage their web properties with ease, and it’s features and integrations give us a lot of creative room. When Squarespace announced last month that it has a new integration with ChowNow we were more than excited.

ChowNow is a service that allows restaurants to create branded ordering services. Integrating that service into your Squarespace site means that customers can order from your menu while at home, in their office, or on the phone on their way to your location (or wherever).

Image Credit: Squarespace

Some brand identities have jumped on this opportunity. Pok Pok LA has already integrated ChowNow into their own Squarespace site.  In the case of Pok Pok, they’ve elected to integrate ChowNow with a strong “order now” button on the upper lift of their home page, which then opens the cascading windows of the ChowNow order system. The service comes at a competitive price, too!

ChowNow Integration on PokPokLA.com 

Brands shouldn’t dismiss how including a mobile order feature can help grow their business. According to research led by Google, 96% of smartphone orders use their device to complete tasks. Other research by Google indicates that 35% of people who search for food, are doing so exclusively on a phone, and that trend is anticipated to continue to grow.

ChowNow is a promising tool for brands - and everyone looking forward to eating what those brands have to offer! -  and we are chomping at the bit to integrate it into digital strategies for our clients.