Markon Joins Businesses in Sponsoring Local Food Venture

Markon is ready for Columbia Food Park

Truth be told, we are always ready for a new opportunity to grab a bite in Vancouver. Maybe that’s because we literally build our “downtown days” around the central function of lunch. Or, maybe it’s because we are a team of foodies, who take sincere pleasure in having something new to nourish ourselves each and every day. Who is to say?

When Columbia Food Park co-founder, Kylan Johnson, approached Markon about joining other local businesses in supporting his rising new venture, we didn’t need much convincing. A tour of the unique downtown space, and an explanation of his vision, with the promise of a new hotbed of diverse food downtown was all it really took to get us on board. “I love seeing all of the growth happening Downtown Vancouver so once I learned of this opportunity for us to be involved and do what we do best, I was all in,” said Kristine Neil, Founder and Creative Director of Markon. As brand designers we love to see entrepreneurs do bold things, especially when it involves repurposing established spaces creatively. Placemaking is vital to establishing a brand experience, and the Columbia Food park team is definitely working to make that a reality. “I love that CFP is focused on great food as well as helping future tenants with great branding. It’s a unique focus that exemplifies the strength of our community, “ said Neil.

As a Community Sponsor of this venture, our support of  Columbia Food Park extends beyond our enthusiasm for great, local food. Be on the lookout for banners, coasters, posters, flyers and stickers to help get the word out.

If you’d like to contribute to downtown Vancouver’s growing food scene, head over to their Kickstarter page!