Connecting to Google Search Console


Squarespace is the first content management system to connect directly to Google Search Console, allowing you to instantly list and verify ownership of your site with the valuable SEO product from Google. Once you’ve done so, you can easily submit your sitemap to Google. The connection will also allow you to see which keywords your customers are using to find you on Google within your Squarespace Analytics panel. 

That’s phenomenal for every entrepreneur, web designer, and marketer who works with Squarespace and is concerned about search engine optimization (SEO). 

Knowing what keywords are driving people to your site, and which ones are not, gives you a goal to work toward. Making this knowledge available to anyone with a Squarespace site is a powerful value-add for the platform - and the work you do.


Simply put: You want to know what kind of search behaviors your customers are demonstrating when they visit your website. These keywords tell you what people were searching for when they either saw or visited your site. These are the words they use to describe your products or services. When you first see this info in Squarespace you might think “oh, yes, of course,” but odds are you’ll see a few things that surprise you, too.

The best part is, with this information you can make decisions about what kinds of keywords you want to use more on your website, and in particular, what kind of content you need to create to improve how your website appears in search engine results pages.

To learn more about what you can do to improve your Squarespace website’s SEO, download our SEO Guide.