Content Common Sense For Startups

You took the plunge! You’re launching your small business. You have a name, you may even have a visual identity plan, but it’s time to put yourself out into the digital world (the blogosphere, Facebook, that place with the blue bird, all that), and you need a plan. We’ve put out a blog post or two about the value of having a presence on the web. Now, let's talk about what you should be doing with that presence.

Be Informational

Everywhere. Closing early? Post it to your website, social media assets, Yelp page, whatever. Spots open in the cycling class at your new gym - ditto! New product - get it up and running. Post information about who you are, what you do, and how you improve the lives of your consumers. The web makes discovering you easy. It doesn’t take much time, so take advantage of it!

Produce Original Content

Whether you have an innovative new digital camera, or your iPhone 4S (Yes, two gens back!), take original photos and videos. Share photos of your products, or your service experience. Share videos (with featured person’s consent). The more you do to create an image of what it’s like to interact with your brand, the more you will do to inspire engagement, increase brand awareness and promote word of mouth marketing.

Encourage User Content & Reviews

Now take the advice we just gave you and invite your audience to do the same. You can post calls to action on your social media profiles, or use signage in your store, or facility, to encourage user-generated content. However you do it . . . do it. Certain algorithms online value fresh, new content over quality. (Some value quality.) User-generated content is considered quality content. It’s the voice of the consumer. So, encourage posting!

Bolster SEO

SE . . . what? Search Engine Optimization. It's the process of improving your search rankings . . . as in the work you do to make sure your company comes up close to the top of web searches.

We just told you about algorithms privileging fresh, new content. So. Keep. Creating. It. Use your website to publish a blog. Whether you post once a month, or once per day, use your blog wisely. This is your venue to showcase your expertise, highlight success, show off your work, and provide detailed updates on projects.

We know that when you’ve just launched your business a lot is going on. We say: maintain balance. If you can only shoot off one tweet a day in between tasks, then so be it. If you can only get one blog post out that you wrote Sunday morning while draining a pot of coffee, well, that may not change actually . . . but, so be it! Over time you’ll find the frequency, format, voice, and volume that works for you. As long as you move toward that place, that’s all that matters.

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