Why You Must Refresh Your Content


Throughout the month of March we’ve been telling you to hit refresh on every aspect of your brand and marketing strategy. From your website to your social media, your signage and your print collateral - we’ve given you ideas and reasons to reinvigorate, recreate and reimagine everything that those things can do for your brand. In a few days we’re going to stop telling you to hit refresh and instead start a month-long endeavor to share with you ways in which your branding and marketing can be innovative. Why? Because every so often your content also needs a refresh. Why beat the same drum when there are so many other notes Stagnation is death in the world of constant connectivity and death is the last thing we want for any of you.

Think Outside Of The Box

It is easy to get into a content rhythm. Marketers (including myself) will tell you to blog, post regularly on multiple social platforms and follow strategies that time and again have returns on investment. Sometimes you have to change it up, even in the smallest ways. Start by examining your message and how you deliver it - the tone, style, even down to the syntax of each sentence. Then examine how you might re-package that content. Is a series of blog posts serving you as well as a serial podcast might? Then think about how you would share those formats. You blog lives as your blog and gets shared on social and via email, even text. A podcast might live on iTunes, or Soundcloud, in addition to your blog, while getting shared across traditional channels.

Remember: Engagement Is Content, Too

When someone like me talks to you about content strategy I’m 99% of the time talking about all things digital (though I do contribute to print strategies at my role at Markon, too). What we do on the blogosphere and in social media gets preserved - and that’s a good thing! That means our conversations with customers, peers and and enthusiasts about our field are available for others to find in their browsing, and when that happens, those conversations are content, too. I enjoy using Twitter to create strings of conversations for others to find. We most recently had a chat with a client of ours in Las Vegas about what it was like to go through the branding process with us. We did something similar, several months ago with a current client about the website we designed for them. They’re fun and they create jumping points for users to go from social to our website to us.

Protect and Nourish Your Creativity

Content marketing can be a heady game and creativity is the engine that makes it run. I have a few simple tips for safeguarding your ability to think creatively. First, make time for slow, deep thinking. For me this means unplugging for a little bit each day. Even if it’s just an hour, it can be the longest, most thought-productive hour of my day. Second: get your rest. This doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping in. There is value to calling a day done and getting your rest so that you can rise at a healthy hour and be productive. Third, find something that excites your mind and engage in it regularly. I take a lot of joy in wandering around urban areas and looking at other businesses brand materials, their outdoor signage and how they incorporate both with their architectural space. I also really enjoy ads designed for transit stations and trains. Whether you’re into cooking, hiking, painting, etc. If it recharges your mind, you’ll need it to fuel your next content marketing campaigning. Make time for it.