Corporate Branding: Name + Image + Voice

We are living in an exciting time for corporate branding. With the rise of instant, constant communication via social media, mobile applications and email, used by the most actively engaged consumer population, ever, who generate so much personal data online that an entire professional field is rising up to learn how to manage it - corporate branding and communication is changing - and we like how it’s looking!

The next time you sit down to consider your corporate brand and how you communicate, consider the following:

A Simple Name Can Have Enormous Power

In the last few years we’ve seen the rise of corporations with names like Uber, Lyft, Box, Huddle, Hightail (formerly YouSendIt), not to mention an iconic established brand like Apple.

Keeping it simple, and not too clever, lends to more memorability with your audience. This is important when claiming domain space, setting up social media profiles and packaging your products. Keeping the product name simple and inclusive of the company name (ex. Apple Pay, Apple TV) is a great way to reinforce your identity as the producer, while marketing your product.

Branding and Design Are Fraternal Twins, Inseparable Yet Distinct

Design, as an art, will continue to evolve as more creative minds take up the profession and the tools of the trade expand in scope of ability. Today we see logos of all kinds, with designs that harken back to other decades (even centuries) and designs that remind us of the point in time we live in. From simple and clean, to elaborate and evocative.

We design logos for all kinds of businesses, non-profits and even political candidates. We believe your logo should represent you in a meaningful way. If that means we piece together two geometric shapes, use appropriate color and add your name, then be so it. If it means we take more complex imagery and craft it into something worthy of hanging on your office building and marking your communications, and packaging your products with - then so be it. 

Our advice here is simple: Meaningful. Clean. Useful. Memorable.

Who You Are, What You Say, And What You Do, Is More Important Than Ever

Consumers today are unlike any before them. They expect a level of corporate responsibility from the businesses they honor with their purchasing power. We are not recommending you immediately carve out a budget for philanthropy, but we are recommending you make decisions wisely. Decisions on environmental responsibility, social inclusion, respect for consumer data/privacy, to name a few.

Fluff is out. The days of dressing up language is over. Communicate with your audience as if you’re one of their peers. Conversational tones with consistent use of word-choice can do much to build connections between you and your audience. In our world of active participant media, using language that fosters conversation, will only help you in your market research (through social listening) and fostering brand loyalty (by providing a remarkable, trust-building experience).

We Can Help You With This

Our team has experience in branding, design, marketing and communications. If you’re looking to develop a plan to address a short term matter, or a long term communications strategy, we are here to help! When you’re ready, contact us.

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