The False Economy of DIYing Your Brand

Everyone loves a good deal. Whether it’s saving on a grocery bill or pulling into the gas station serving less per gallon, savvy savers know we’ve scored when we can get the same quality service or product at a fraction of the cost.

But unfortunately, not every promise of spared expense is worth the time or resources your business has to offer. This most especially rings true when a situation begs for the hand of a seasoned specialist! Your business’s marketing materials and website, for instance. These essential details frequently fall to the bottom of lists of tasks that need to be completed, and when they are completed, there’s always the temptation to cut corners for the sake of saving a buck.

Here’s a story: Near the beginning of summer, our office air conditioning froze over. As a team of creatives with little appliance repair experience between us, it wasn’t a hard decision to pick up the phone and call in the professionals. Did that mean forking out a repair fee upfront? It certainly did. It also meant no one on our team had to spend half an afternoon of company time unsuccessfully poking around the underbelly of a busted unit.

If that example of delegation made obvious sense, think about how it could apply in the same way to a new design element, or the layout for an updated catalog of services, or the creation of a new company logo!

Knowing when to man the helm and when to delegate the varying needs your business faces will save you time, worry, and expense. Putting together a new flyer will take your operations manager (with one photoshop class from 2012 under the belt) far longer to complete than if the project was assigned to a design professional. Plus, it took your manager away from their daily duties (you know, the ones they specialize in and are regularly paid for), and now the rest of your team is behind.

It all comes back to rationalizing what does and doesn’t truly save your business money. Lost and wasted time can be just as damaging as an unprecedented expense, and let’s not forget the stress and strain that comes with having to deal with assignments far out of the scope of one’s wheelhouse.

And THAT is why I had my brother’s wife’s SISTER do our logo for us! She took an Adobe Photoshop class in college. She’s more of the creative type! And she did it practically for free!

Don’t get us wrong! We appreciate the strides taken to outsource such a project to a more specialized party. It’s a leap in the right direction! We just can’t reiterate how many times we’ve been brought the product of a “free” or “friend/family discount” design service and had the recipient express dissatisfaction.

You really do get what you pay for; and if you didn’t pay much or anything at all, the price you’ve paid is quality.

Hiring brand managers at an agency is the good deal your company needs. At a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house designer, or marketing specialist, you can draw on the talents of an entire team! It’s perfect when you think about it. Agencies often have designers, strategists, and copywriters, ready and able to design your logo or update your ad campaign. The best part is, the work is mostly off your plate and out of your sight. You’re free to do what you do best: growing your company!

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