Design Ideas For Your Brand

All week long we’ve been telling you about how design is the engine that makes your brand grow. That’s because at Markon we believe that design is the differentiator that gives your brand the tools it needs to stand out in the marketplace and perform. Earlier this week our team even wrote to you to tell you about how design can refine your brand message and identity - or blow it wide open, reaching new audiences in more dynamic ways. In this post we’re going to explore some other thoughts on design that are accessible to any business.




Design Can Create Inspiring Print Products

Brands choose print to deliver their message for a variety of reasons: physicality and in some cases, practicality, being among the two we see most frequently. The first reason is particularly close to our hearts as designers. Print is about texture, color, effect and ink. @@The feel of the print item leaves as much of an impression as its message.@@ Print products not only solve problems and advance brand awareness and messaging, but when done well, create immersive brand experiences. Take a look at some of the samples below. Every month we receive a magical box from Parse and Parcel with new papers and print techniques for us to examine and include into the realm of possibilities here at Markon. 

Design Can Make A Digital Experience Interactive & Immersive

These days designers are learning to code as much as they're learning to sketch and craft graphics and logos in Adobe. The web has given designers an entirely new canvas to create visual, informative and interactive experiences. The move to have designers create these experiences is prevalent in journalism, but brands can take advantage of this type of design as well. Indeed some brands are, and they're doing so by creating visual narratives online that users can enjoy while learning all about products and services. 

Design Can Make change your game

Designers are problem solvers and brands are aware of this. Increasingly, designers are being asked to not only design the visuals for campaigns, but be the strategists who develop the campaign, be the purpose of the campaign to address a problem or achieve a new goal. Designers, as creatives, naturally think outside of the box, while simultaneously having an eye for order and hierarchy. It's actually a powerful combination that lends well to creating solutions for all kinds of problems. At Markon our strategy team is our design team and for our clients that has been a powerful combination. 

The commonality between these three ideas is that @@design shapes experience@@. A brand's investment in design has a direct effect on how users experience the brand, across mediums and in-person at a brick and mortar location.