Design, Storytelling & Your Brand

The concept of brand "storytelling" is hot in the branding and marketing world right now. While it might be a currently running buzzword, the skill  - and its importance - is not new. It has always been important for any business leader to be a great storyteller - to communicate the history of their brand, to skillfully illustrate for their audience how their brand fits into their audience's life. Storytelling in the 21st century isn't limited to good writing or a powerful spokesperson. Evocative design can narrate the story of your brand and build connections with your audience. Here are two common areas where design can take the lead:

Product Packaging

Think of the packaging you encase your products in as a canvas by which to tell your story. It's a space to communicate to your audience, to tell them a bit about you, the product and to add to the experience of interacting with your brand.

Web and Social Media Content

This is the space where your audience will interact with you the most pre-and-post purchase. You want this space to have all of the information they need. Most importantly, you want to deliver that information in a format, with a tone and voice appropriate to your audience, whoever they are. Experiment with video, graphics and, yes, well-written posts in blogs, magazines and on social media.

Users often spend 15 seconds or less on a website and increasingly, more and more searches are made in "micro-moments," on smartphones, in between tasks. Consumers may only really pay heed to the messaging on packaging while it's on store shelves, or freshly delivered to their door. Either way, the window of opportunity to deliver your message can be brief. The design will optimize impact in those brief, yet critical moments.