How To Create Email Driven Conversions

The rain is BACK. So are gray skies, cooler weather, slick roads, and an ever-present desire for a latte. (Does that ever go away?) If cooler weather and wet roads are decreasing your foot traffic, it’s time to turn to your digital toolkit to drive traffic to your website. At Markon, we like to consider the entire array of digital tools available to ourselves and our clients, and that includes email. The oldest of the digital tools our day and age has afforded us, email is a quick, efficient and cost effective way to reach out to potential customers and direct them back to your website. But, before you click “compose” in your email application, stop and consider that emails meant to drive sales are not the same as emails for standard communications. AND, your email will most likely be competing with many others. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got your back. Here are a few pointers that have kept our little airplane afloat, and will help yours too!

Here are 3 considerations for your next email marketing campaign:

Lead With Design: Humans are visual creatures. Our eyes will follow intriguing graphics, logos and other queues. Start an email with a well-design banner, or a high quality image, with a text headline. Use the banner to both intrigue and inform. Use the space for text to be informative and concise. We recommend the email be short, something a reader won't’ have to scroll through.

Email as Springboard: By keeping your email short, you have the best chance of holding your reader’s attention. It’s hard to convey your brand’s message, and display products within a sole window pane, so be sure to hyperlink relevant words and images. Let the email be an invitation to your website, or your physical store. Consider a banner for the bottom of the email that contains your website’s URL, your business phone number, an email address set up for general inquiry, and your physical address. Elevating your information by wrapping it in a graphic is a simple investment that can increase readability, pique interest and ultimately drive traffic.

Go Soft: Consumers receive sales emails daily - often from the same sources each day. Go easy. An email that asks open questions meant to lead the consumer to your website, social media or store, will receive more attention than one that directly pushes a product and its price. Get creative with the images you include of your product, or service, and let the the visual elements of your email guide their impressions - and ultimately to your website.

Marketing your small business can be as simple or difficult as you like. It’s okay to keep it simple as long as you keep it consistent. Markon is here to navigate the details for you. From graphic and logo design, to messaging and strategy, we will help you give shape and life to your brand. Don’t get lost in the thick of it: contact us.

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