Email Marketing With Squarespace

Market Straight From Your Website

In Squarespace’s obvious quest to meet all of your business’s digital needs, the company is soon to launch a new email marketing feature, and quite frankly, it’s going to be legit.

It makes sense to be able to launch email marketing campaigns from the same system that you manage your website on. Your website is the central hub of your brand’s digital existence and most of the time email marketing campaigns point back to your website, whether you are sharing a blog post, new product, free download, or what have you.

Squarespace Makes It Easy

As always, Squarespace makes it easy. There are a number of reasons why Squarespace is our preferred platform for building websites, one of them is its ease of use. Once we’ve built a site, it’s easy for clients to manage content. That kind of autonomy is important for a small business that should use its resources elsewhere, rather than pay to have us on retainer to update some text every month. A similar WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor will be in play for email. That’s going to make designing marketing emails that are on brand, and in visual alignment with your website ultra easy.

And you are going to be able to edit on mobile. 🤳🏻📱☕️

Email Marketing For Small Business

How many small businesses miss out on email marketing because the work of it represents a list of tasks that the business simply can’t take on? Yet, email marketing is a powerful way to keep your brand top-of-mind for your audience and to attract visitors back to your website. Not to mention the little extra oomph you get watching your subscriber list grow month over month.

This new email marketing feature is going to streamline the work of creating professional email campaigns and open up this form of marketing to even the busiest entrepreneurs. For designers like us, it’s going to give us the satisfaction of using Squarespace’s platform to the max of its potential. It’s a win, win for everyone.

Learn more about email marketing as a new Squarespace feature directly from the provider. Look for this updated feature to be rolled out universally soon.