5 SEO and Social Media Tips (Plus a resource list!)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media are two of the most vital branding and marketing tools for small to mid-size businesses. Yet, they are among the two most widely misunderstood practices. How does a business optimize for search engines? What does that really even mean? What makes for good social media policies and strategies?

We believe the answers to these questions all boil down to a few simple practices that anyone with the right tools and knowledge can execute. In doing so, they’ll improve how potential customers find their business, interact with them, and eventually convert into paying clients. Our presentation provides a rapid fire overview of SEO and 5 tips to improve it, and best manage social media.

 (Click to open presentation in a new window.)

(Click to open presentation in a new window.)


Helpful Resources

Moz Local (as mentioned in the presentation)
Google My Business
Bing Places
Website Optimization Handout (from presentation) 
How to Respond to Reviews (Good or Bad) - Bonus Download