Google Wants You On The Map

How many times have you grabbed your phone and asked what kind of [insert business type here] is nearby? According to Google and IPSOS MediaCT, four out of five people perform local searches - that is searches for things nearby to them. Its how we do things now. And, quite frankly, it's wonderful.

But. . . Google can only present information that Google has to index. It's on businesses to provide this information - and if they're serious about being successful - they will. The same study by Google and Ipsos MediaCT found that consumers are 38% more likely to visit a business, and 29% more likely to purchase from a business with online listings.

That's tremendous.

To help get you online, Google launched a new program this week called: "Let's Put Our Cities on the Map."

Google has set up, literally thousands, of city-specific websites to help businesses get online and join their broader community. To visit yours, simply visit:

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