Free Email is Death

Life From An App: How Google will Boost Your Business

Free e-mail is death.

You’ve heard this admonishment from us before. (Many. Times. Before.)

But . . . what if we told you that there is an inexpensive (yes, cheap!), easy (no IT knowledge necessary!), quick (really, like 10 minutes), way to own the domain name behind your email address?

What if we also told you could gain some valuable cloud-based (look at you being high-tech!) office tools in the mix?

You’d be interested? We thought you might be.

The solution is . . . Google Apps For Work.

Google Apps For Work is a one-shot remedy for most small business needs. It allows businesses to create custom email addresses powered by Gmail and to utilize a suite of cloud-based productivity apps that allow for collaboration, from anywhere.

Here are a few reasons why we believe Google Apps for Work is worth your investment:

Brand Consistency

Your e-mail address is your digital calling card. It’s important that the domain at the end of the email belongs to your company, not another company.


This is great for . . . you. Gmail is free, comes with ample storage to archive plenty of emails . . . but, it says you didn’t take time to invest in digital assets for your company, and it doesn’t tell your audience anything about you.


This is exactly where you need to be. Now your email is informative. Marco is presumably your first name and Polo Adventures is presumably the name of your enterprise. It shows you invested in digital assets for your company and in keeping matching your domain name with your company name it reinforces your brand identity.

Big is . . . Good

So what if you are a one person show renting a hot desk in the local warehouse converted into a business incubator?! That doesn’t mean you can’t own your own email address! Owning your website and email domain lends credibility. Credibility - and consistency - is incredibly important in building your audience, and ultimately, brand loyalty.

Cost Effective

Google Apps For Work starts at just $5 a month!

You are not going to beat that. Add to that, that the apps work on any internet connected device. No special software for your to purchase, no technical specifications for your machine to meet (other than, of course, the ability to connect to the Internet). It is a win, win.

Maybe you’re not the one person show in the warehouse. Maybe there is 5 of you in a townhouse on the other side of the city. You need to write a proposal. You each have a section to write. Why have 5 competing documents going at once? Do it all in one document. At. The. Same. Time. CRAZY, RIGHT?!

Nope. Welcome to cloud based solutions. The future is going to be bright!

And just wait. . . it gets better.

No Updates. No Upgrades

One of the best features, in our humble opinion, of Google Apps for Work, is that once you’re subscribed, you’re done. Yes, Google will refine its product, add features, improve features, etc. But, you won’t have to resubscribe, or up your subscription. It’ll simply be available to you. Since the apps don’t technically live on your machine those updates won’t impact your machine. No logging in and then spending 10 minutes updating something you only wanted to use for 2 minutes.

We said the future would be bright!

Convinced?! Good. Head over to their webpage and get started. We implore you!
Not convinced?! Hang on! We are putting together a review of the Apps, which we will publish here, on the blog.

Owning your digital assets is an important investment. It’s one that you might be surprised to learn, a staggering number of small businesses overlook. If you need help getting started, or expanding, we can help. We’re ready to chat when you are.

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