Review: Google Apps For Work

Review: Google Apps For Work

Yes. We are still on about Google Apps for Work.

In our last post we gave you reasons why you should consider the service for your computing needs. In this post, we are going to run through the apps and talk to you about their value.

First up!


First, lets tell you what we think the advantages of using Gmail are, and then we’ll tell you in Google speak what makes this a great investment.

It’s. Incredibly. Easy. To. Use.

Gmail has all the features you would want in a mail client in terms of function and organization. Need to set an away message? Easy. Need to forward email while you’re away? Done. Mark something important for later? Just click the star next to the subject line. Google even goes a bit further and gives you the option to organize your email into categories: primary, social, promotions, and forums.

In addition to being your email client, it  comes with a built in chat tool that even lets you VIDEO chat with other users. This can be powerful when connecting with employees who are working remotely, or keeping up with a client.

Like you, it’s mobile. The Gmail app can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet for on the go access. Since it’s web based, you can also check your email from any device with an internet connection and web browser.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, you’ll finally have a proper business email address. The credibility will take you far, we promise.

On the tech side, take a look at these facts:

Gmail offers 99.9% uptime and 0% planned downtime. (Welcome to the Cloud!)
It works easily with legacy services and integrates with whatever interface you’re using. Prefer Mozilla products? No worries, Gmail plays nice with Firefox and Thunderbird.

You’ll get 30 GB of inbox storage (that’s a ton, really) and 24/7 ad-free support (it doesn’t get better, people!).

If you need more help, shoot us a tweet or a FB message, and we’ll try to assuage your fears!


Google Drive is the answer to the save button. And lets face it, the save button was a problem (not human behavior!).

Google Drive lets you store and sync your files in the Cloud. It’s perfect, because no matter where you are, if you can get on the web, you can access your files.

Even better, if you share your files with team mates, they can edit documents and create with you. In. Real. Time. It’s pretty awesome.

But . . . what about that upcoming holiday where you won’t solid Internet connectivity, but need to work on that report you said you’d finish?

You can sync your files from Google Drive to a folder on your computer so that you can work on them offline. When you connect again, the folder and Drive will sync and the updated file will be mobile again. (Bravo!)

Drive is naturally paired with a host of collaborative productivity tools. These are:

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Forms
  • Slides
  • Sites

We could easily spend the next two minutes of your life talking about each one, but it wouldn’t feel like two minutes, and you need to get back to work. So, here’s the deal:
These apps are phenomenal in that they allow you to meet the productivity needs of your business, in a way that is easily accessible, editable, sharable - and they AUTO-SAVE to Google Drive.

Need to write a proposal? Open Docs and get started. Need your business partner to write a section of that proposal? Have he or she open the same document and type their part while you do yours. Edit each other in real time, from the same room, or across the continent.
Spreadsheet time? Sheets has you covered. Same rules apply from docs. Share, collaborate, edit, auto-save. Bam!

When you combine these features with the fact that these tools don’t require frequent updates, storage on your computer, or exorbitant fees . . . it really makes them the perfect set of tools for a small business. It’s all about optimizing your time, adopting simple processes, and protecting your information by backing it up. Google Apps for Work does all of that for you, and a bit more. (We didn’t even delve into Google + or the wonders of Calendar.)

Now that we’ve spent time on our soapbox telling you how to work, we’ll stop down now. If you need us, you know how to find us.

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