Happy 5th Birthday, Markon

Today, we’re celebrating Markon Brand Design’s 5th birthday! For my fellow entrepreneurs, you’ll know this is a big deal. Roughly half of new businesses started in the United States don’t make it this long, and those who do make it to this mark have the best chances of long-term viability. In business school, they taught us stuff like this as well as other important info like the difference between revenue and profits (hint: cash flow problems are the main reason why most small businesses don’t make it) which is all super helpful info and I definitely rely on it nearly every day but what they don’t teach you is just how hard the first five years can be. I’ve repeatedly said that this period has been the most intense series of never-ending learning curves I’ve ever experienced in my life; I don’t have kids but I’d liken it to learning how to be a parent for the very first time. At first, you’re a little scared of every little bonk or bruise… after a while, you learn that those scrapes and cuts aren’t going to kill them - or you. In many ways, Markon has been my child and now, as it turns the big five, I feel like we’re finally able to see the road ahead much more clearly. Whether it’s because the curves have straightened out and the terrain has become more friendly or I’ve just become a better driver, I feel like we’re finally getting into our groove.

For my teammates here in the trenches with me every day, I celebrate you as much as I do anything else. It’s as much a risk to work for a startup as it is to start one and your energy and tenacity are what move us ever forward. It is my sincere goal that as our company continues to grow that your hard work is rewarded and celebrated in new ways. I look forward to the new opportunities and projects on the horizon that I know we’ll all find creatively and professionally fulfilling in ways we wouldn’t have dreamed of five years ago. Here’s to the next five years of branding, design & marketing and however it is we manage to do all of that while still having fun and eating and drinking way too much coffee.

The last stop on this Oscar-acceptance-speech of a post is most definitely not the least bit important: our clients. Many of you have watched as we’ve evolved over the years and have been the most loyal cheerleaders. After all, without all of you, we would have nothing to fill our days with. You’ve allowed us to not only grow but to thrive… and it could take all the tenacity and creativity on the planet and a business like ours still wouldn’t make it without exceptional clients.

As one of those people who subscribes to the “birthday month” philosophy, we’ll be celebrating this milestone for the entire month of February. Sure, it’s slightly self-congratulatory but I think that when you achieve big things that you have to shout them from the rooftops. No one else is going to do it for you. Over the month, we’ll be sharing some of our goals for the next five years as well as giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our updated branding. By the way, if you’re celebrating a milestone of your own in the coming months we encourage you to give your brand a similar refresh. Keeping things current is what will ensure you feel as relevant in the future as you did in the past. BTW, I know just the team that can handle that for you.

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BrandingKristine Neil