Hello, Google Search Console

Learn about how you can use the Data Highlighter feature in Webmaster Tools to show Google patterns of structured data on your website without modifying your pages.

The last time we were talking about Google it was to sound the alarm for #mobilegeddon, the infamous algorithm update that put mobile-friendly websites at the front of mobile-led searches. Today, we're here to tell you about Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools - gotta love a good re-brand!) and how it can help you -  the entrepreneur/small business owner/person of another trade who needs the web to sell your goods and/or services - improve the search-ability of your website.

We'll break down some of the console's useful tools. The rest we'll leave for you to explore.

Search Appearance

Console's "Search Appearance" feature serves to educate the user on how their website will appear as a search result. The breakdown is valuable for users new to search engine optimization. What can seem like small features, such as the "snippet," "breadcrumbs," or "site links" can determine whether a potential client clicks on your website URL or not.

Data Highlighter

Now this is cool. Back in the day (five minutes ago), you used to have to use markup language and webmaster tools to highlight the information you wanted to make sure Google took note of. Now you can highlight it with your mouse. We are going to let Jack explain.

Content Keywords

Knowing what keywords Google pulls from your website is valuable. If you find yourself looking at a list of unexpected keywords - or worse, keywords that should not be there - you now have a chance to improve your site to reflect the keywords you want to see on such a list.

This tool should help you determine the language you're using, and at what frequency. Excessive use would be detrimental to the quality of your site, while infrequent use may be detrimental to search-ability. Like with all things, moderation is best. Search for your the happy medium.

Those features, and the many others we haven't covered, make Google Search Console a powerfully informative tool. We recommend opening up a morning or afternoon, sitting down with a latte, and giving it a go. What you might learn about your website could change the direction of your business. In a world where we search online for anything and everything - whenever and wherever we please - businesses, of any size, can't afford to ignore the search-ability of their website.

Go, get started!

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