How To Feed The Google Monster

Your Business And Google

Every business with a website is concerned about ranking well in search. We’ve long advocated that reaching page one on Google doesn’t have to require an expensive SEO campaign. Good SEO is about good design and providing fundamental data to Google. As website designers, we take care of a lot of this for our clients. However, there are other ways to feed Google data about your business beyond what your website can do for you. (Related: Learn about reaching position zero.)

Google My Business

If you aren’t familiar with Google My Business and all it can do for you, read this closely! Google My Business is a platform to create a profile about your business directly on Google. You’ll include all of your key business data, including:

  • Business Category (restaurant, salon, grocery, etc.)

  • Products and Services that you sell

  • Address

  • Service Area (if you deliver/travel)

  • Phone Number

  • Website URL

  • Photos

Once you create a listing, Google will take you through a verification process to confirm that your business is legit. Do this. Your Google My Business listing informs Google Maps and has a direct impact on how your business shows in search - particularly local search.

Here’s how our own Google My Business profile appears in search

Here’s how our own Google My Business profile appears in search


Google Posts

Once you’ve set up your Google My Business there is a great feature in the platform known as Google Posts. You can create short posts with images, video, and calls-to-action (just like a social post) that will appear with your Google My Business listing on search engine results pages. It’s a great way to call attention to promotions, news, events, and more. There’s no limit to how often you post. We recommend folding Google Posts into your current social media strategy.

(Now for the things that we do for you with Google)

Google Search Console

Whenever we build or take over the management of a website, we connect the site to Google Search Console. This allows us to submit your sitemap to Google and prompt the search engine to work its magic. Once this is done, Google will crawl your website once every month or so, each time scanning for new keywords and content.

Google Analytics

Squarespace has its own powerful analytics panel, but Google Analytics takes it to the next level. Even if you never look at its semi-complicated dashboards, we can actually connect this powerful tool directly to your website via an API. It’s yet another way to guide Google’s tentacles to your website. And, how better to be recognized as a relevant resource for users than to let the search engine itself track who visits your website?!

Half the Battle of Succeeding Online is Feeding the Machines

Simply showing up and completing the actions described in this post is half the battle in owning a discoverable website that gains traction with your target audience. The other half of the battle - the hardest part - is being a business that shows up with fresh content for that audience to consume. Our role as your website designers is to set the foundation by creating a well-organized website with a clean, logical structure and pages with scannable content. We can connect Google to your site, but then it’s up to you to feed the monster.