3 Steps To Increase Foot Traffic

3 Steps To Increase Foot Traffic

As a store owner you can increase foot traffic easily, and inexpensively. You simply need to be aware of 3 key facts, and act on them accordingly: 

1. List Your Business Online: This is important because increasingly consumers are associating an online presence with legitimacy. Not to mention that consumers frequently scope out businesses online before making a decision to invest THEIR time in visiting you. 

2. Invest in Indoor/Outdoor Signage: Few businesses are in standalone buildings these days. They are in strip malls and shopping complexes, competing with visual queues from competitors. When you're thinking about what kind of signage you might have created to draw in your customers, think about two things: Will the design capture their attention and provide the best information; Does the design accentuate the image of the actual store it's serving. An alluring interior, complemented by well-designed marketing material can drive traffic from passing by consumers. 

3. Direct Mail Campaigns: Can be annoying, but if done well, can be great informational/promotional tools. Depending on your target audience, we recommend selecting specific geographic areas to market. Some businesses focus on reaching out to anyone in a 10 mile radius. Some narrow that down to 4 miles. If you are a business-to-business enterprise, you might target a dozen (or 6 dozen) businesses you've been eyeing and send something their way. 

Reaching out to your consumer base is important. Tempering your reaches so that they don't become overwhelming is also important. It can be a fine line. Good design, strategy and goals will get you there. We're a call away when you need us. 

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