Making Moves

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. - Walt Disney

I wrote just a couple months ago about celebrating Markon’s 5th birthday. To be honest, it was both momentous and just another day in the life. We celebrated knowing that it’s a feat that not every small business reaches successfully… but we didn’t stop to dwell on it too long. We knew that for all we’ve achieved in five years, the best things are still to come. And if I’ve learned anything in my years at the helm of a creative agency, it’s that we simply can’t afford to stand still for too long. Where Markon stands apart from the cacophony of other voices in this field is our relentless pursuit of growth, our continuous bucking of the status quo - for our clients and for ourselves. Stopping for too long, even if it’s to be slightly self-congratulatory, just means we’ve taken our eye off the next big thing, the next trend, the next move.

We’ve hinted at change being on the horizon here and there but couldn’t really say what it was that we’ve been working on. Until now. Over the past few months, in addition to our hefty client workload, we’ve been stealthily seeking out and preparing for our next big move… which is an actual move! I am so excited to announce that on May 1 we will proudly open the doors to our new downtown Vancouver location.

Our love affair with downtown Vancouver should be apparent by now. For some time, my team has relished the days we go downtown to meet with clients… or just to work. We routinely got in the habit of stacking up appointments downtown and devoting entire days to working in the neighborhood, from laptops in the corner of bustling coffee shops or in shared work spaces amid other creatives. In a recent interview I was asked why our office wasn’t located in Portland, along with other agencies doing work of our caliber. A flattering question, but my answer was simple: we are a Vancouver agency and proudly so. Never have I felt that being in Portland was a criteria for doing great work and the idea that so many awesome projects have come out of our little warehouse in east Clark County makes me immensely proud.

From our current, soon to be former, space we’ve grown up as an agency and that alone is the thing that makes this change bittersweet. Moving will be somewhat like when your parents sell your childhood home; the one with all the kids’ heights marked in pen and pencil, etched permanently into a door frame for future occupants to wonder at. I will forever be grateful for the time we’ve spent here and the projects we’ve completed, for clients we only dreamed of working for and for projects that have fulfilled us, both creatively and professionally.

In our new downtown home, I see us having the ability to work even closer to the community we aim to serve... because even though all of our clients aren’t local, Vancouver is our home. This is where we live. The work we do doesn’t necessarily require any specific geographic location; to be fair, we could definitely all telecommute from our basements and guest bedrooms and still call ourselves an “agency”. But I’ve long maintained that Markon’s primary strength - the key differentiator from all of the other “designers” out there - is that we actually come to work every day to collaborate together. Whether we’re working on a branding project, or styling a new website, or designing the identity of an event, we take our work seriously. This move underscores that commitment - to our craft, to our city and to you, our clients.

The only other question I feel needs to be answered is: will there be a grand opening party?!?! And the answer is, yes, of course. Stay tuned. We’ll always keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things. Thanks for coming along for the ride!