Crash Course: Lifestyle Marketing

Marketing can be a thankless effort. You, or your creative agency, create all forms of content that you selectively distribute through various channels with only likes, clicks, and comments to truly gauge how your audience values your message. And that’s only accounting for your digital efforts! It’s much harder to measure the impact of print marketing, which relies on a direct response to a call-to-action to know if someone truly valued the message you literally made manifest in the world.

Promotional Marketing Presents Another Way Forward

Brand impressions aren’t limited to social media posts, creative content, and direct mail campaigns. You can create a brand impression while also integrating your brand into someone’s life. You might even score a “thank you,” if you do it properly. Promotional products - branded items of value - are the path to high impact brand impressions that can create real interest and conversation around your brand, and possibly convert a few customers.

Now, before you click away from this post in regret for having potentially read something that could be about creating horribly imprinted stress balls in the shape of airplanes, know that this is not that post!

Research from Promotional Products Association International tells us that over 80% of millennials (and the numbers are similar for other generations) welcome promotional products into their life when that item fits into their lifestyle. That statistic is an opportunity for brands to create a powerful, constant impression in a potential customer’s life.

Promotional Products Have Sensory Impact

Digital market appeals to sight and sound. Print marketing appeals to sight and touch. Promotional products can appeal to sight, sound, touch, taste (for the right item, yes!), smell (same for taste), and our sense of ownership.

Think about the value of giving away quality t-shirts to people who will wear them. Depending on the design and message, they could become cherished items. The same goes for beverage containers, pens, notepads, and so on.

Because almost anything can bear an imprint, promotional products can be imagined for almost any industry. If you know your target audience could be in need of a certain item, consider branding it and distributing it. They might thank you for the free item, and if they make use of it, it will keep your brand, and services, top of mind for when they might need you.

The numbers tell us that 80% of people who accept promotional items recall the message the item displays. Roughly 70% of those people respond to its call-to-action.

Authenticity Still Reigns Supreme

Creating a high impact brand impression requires a level of authenticity that every brand should commit to. Giving 5,000 soon-to-be college students branded microfiber cloths for their gadgets is one thing, but it has to be backed up with connective content and intention. How does receiving the item connect with an experience on your website? Will they find related information there? If so, how does that connect to your larger services and what have you created that helps them understand how your brand fits into their life?

Resolving those questions can create a powerful brand experience with a tactile, real-world component (the promo item), and a valuable digital component. Together they may create long-term brand loyalists who turn to you as their first choice in whatever field you occupy.

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